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*- updateeee

god i just don't think i'll ever stop loving this man. Zayn Malik is the end of me.

hi hello um. this is an update post.
started going to school again. been super busy.
enrolled is cosmetology/beauty school and omg. i absolutely love everything about it.
the environment, the people, instructors, everything!! I'm learning so much
and really can't wait to just keep learning about everything the business has to offer.
other than that I haven't been doing much. School is full time and I literally wake up at
5:45/6 am and get home by 5:30/6pm throughout the week.
I'm missing all my 1D updates, my niece and auntie time :(
Makes me sad but getting to see her and seeing all my Zayn updates makes it worth it!
Still a 1D stan. My sis met her fave last week and I hope to meet Zayn one day. ugh. Jelly.

life is good.
this was an update. see you later.

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