Hey, how ya doin?


Not much happening. Still making gifs , hanging out with my niece , bought an ipad mini , one direction is still a big deal , my dog has passed away , and I have a lot of back pain. ugh. that's all for now. bye
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Band meme ;)

The Band:
Untitled-5 (2)

Favorite Song: They Don't Know About Us. That song is literally the end of me. It is just so perfect.

Favorite Album: Up All Night but still haven't heard the new album Take Me Home in its entirety.

Favorite Member: Zayn Malik

Favorite Video: not a fan of the song but everyone looks so beautiful in this video.

Band Merch:
ipod covers, cds, dvd, magazines, head phones, tshirts, pillowcase, stickers, purse, ribbons, pins, puzzle, mini zayn, cups, and posters :)

Seen Them Live: June 13th 2012 San Jose Event Center!

Band Rating: 10/10
This band has taken over.