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dearly_beloved: are you listening?

dearly beloved are you listening?
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  • dearly_beloved@livejournal.com

Name: dearly_beloved
Status: Single, but taken.
Location: CA, USA
Livejournal: http://dearly-beloved.livejournal.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/lovesthebeat

-Video Games
-Road Trips
-Hot Dudes
-Making icons

1 direction, 1d, 80s, 90s, a7x, ariadne, arthur, avenged sevenfold, bad makeup, bandom, bands, banners, birthdays, blockheads, boston, boston boys, boy bands, boys, buzznet, chess pieces, childhood crushes, christopher nolan, cillian murphy, cobb, cobra starship, comeback, concerts, cover girl, crossover, danny wood, disney channel, donnie wahlberg, drama, eames, ecuts, eliza cuts, ellen page, eyeliner, eyeshadow, face the music, fake mikey way, fanfic, fanfiction, fischer, front row, gates, gee, graphics, hangin tough, hangin' tough, hanging tough, hsm, i'll be loving you(forever), icons, inception, ink, joseph gordon-levitt, ken watanabe, lady gaga, late night tv, leonardo dicaprio, life, lj, lj icons, loaded dice, lolscenequeens, lolz, love, lyn-z vs eliza, lyrics, m.shadows, mac, madrad, madradstalkers, mal, marion cotillard, mcr, mcr slash, media, meet joe mac, merry merry christmas, michael caine, mind-fucking, mind-raping, music, music icons, myspace, n.k.o.t.b, new album, new kids, new-kids-on-the-block, nkotb, no more games, oh-oh-oh-oh, one direction, otp, pelvic thrusts, photos, photoshop, pics, pigments, please don't go girl, pop, radio gaga, reality, red sox, reunion, romance, ryan and sharpay, saito, shadows, sharing, slash, step by step, syn, syn gates, talking shit, talking smack, tattoo's, tbp, the black parade, the rev, the right stuff, tom hardy, tops, totems, tour, trains, twincest, twitter, visuals, wallpaper, wallpapers, wand erection, wank, watchman, wmhc, yaoi, yusuf, zacky v, zackyv, zayn malik